Let’s Fly

If you are old enough to remember the “good ol’ days” of The Normaltown Flyers at Allen’s on Wednesday nights, then you can recall those feelings of joy and togetherness. The place to be on Wednesday nights. The locals (and Navy school folks) were singing and dancing to the beloved sounds of The Normaltown Flyers. You saw friends that you only saw on Wednesday night at Allen’s. Sometimes you might see a friend or classmate that had moved out of town, but still comes to Athens on Wednesday nights to hear The Normaltown Flyers and refresh old friendships. Any of you that have fond memories like I do, please write or call anybody you know connected to the Athens Music Walk of Fame in downtown Athens. This neglect to honor one of the best loved bands of Athens is a shame. Just because younger folks have more music and opportunities to choose from should not take away the importance of The Normaltown Flyers to be honored a spot on the Athens Music Walk of Fame. They should have been one of the first bands to be honored.