Steps for Instructions

1. Learn how to read.

2. Select appropriate instructions.

3. Read instructions.

4. In order (mostly).

5. Follow instructions, unless they do not make sense. 

6. If they do not make sense, reread the instructions.

7. Look at any images as needed (if appropriate, don’t get angry; laugh at them instead).

8. If the instructions say skip ahead, follow the instructions.

9. Skip ahead to the next step.

10. If you skipped the previous step, you actually didn’t (just checking in to see if you are still following).

14. Always be sure to distinguish between mandatory and optional instructions. Kind of like fact versus fiction, but without the screaming. 

19. If you accidentally miss a step in the instructions, forgive yourself, and if you have to restart, really forgive yourself. Don’t be afraid to forgive yourself. Really.

46. If others are offering unsolicited advice, share the instructions with them, then talk with them. Just about the instructions. Concentrate on the instructions.

a. If you need help with the instructions, don’t be afraid to seek help. Best if before. Acceptable after. Stubborn if never.

iii. If instructions lead to meandering, make sure you’re following the appropriate instructions appropriately. If you keep meandering, give into it. It’s where your heart is, anyway.

15. If instructions become unwieldy or tenuous, don’t break anything, then proceed. Jump to the proceed part. You’ll be glad you did. So will those around you.

Part E. Become one with the instructions, even if they seem evil. Leave those discussions to philosophers and theologians.

Almost there. If the instructions do not turn out as expected, remind yourself you’re really just where you were to begin with, and things weren’t so bad then.

More almost. Remember this: Instructions do not wield power over you. You do.

Morer almost. Also remember this: if it does not turn out as expected, remind yourself that this is not a perfect world, and thus, we have to live with imperfections. (Exceptions: building a rocket and anything else that might put someone in danger. Other than that, you’re pretty much in the clear.) This said, keep striving, not why-me-ing. 

Somewhere near the end. Once you have completed all the instructions, regardless of how it turns out in the end, go be good to yourself and somebody else.