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Why I Like Newspapers

I have always liked print newspapers. Partly, what inspired me was an American Girl movie about a nine-year-old girl living in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Her name is Kit Kittredge. In the movie, she writes newspaper stories. The newspaper building she visits amazes me, and the fact that she uses a typewriter to write her stories made me want to be a newspaper reporter. Another movie that intrigues me is The Help, based on a novel by Katheryn Stockett that takes place in Jackson, MS. The main character, Skeeter, goes to the editor of the Jackson Journal to ask for a job to get some experience in writing so that she can write a book. The atmosphere of the newspaper room is full of vibrant activity. Also, the editor, who gives Skeeter a job writing the House Cleaning column, is a colorful character. 

Almost every morning, mom or dad reads the newspaper. I think this is most sophisticated. I love the sound of the newspaper crinkling. Newspapers also have a distinct smell that is cozy to me. I like it when my parents share information that they read in the newspaper. And, the family discussions that follow are always interesting.  

Newspapers are great sources of information. They inform you of so many important things that are going on around you. They inform you if there is danger and help to uplift your spirits when something wonderful has happened. You can learn many neat little facts from reading the newspaper. I remember on one occasion I was reading the newspaper and I came across an article about my school’s new solar panels. This made me happy to see an article about my school in the newspaper.  The other day, my neighbor and friend was pictured in the Athens Banner-Herald. His mom came over to tell my mom and me. Looking at the photo created a small excitement for us all.   There is just something about being in print that is special. 

Last summer, as we do every summer, we visited Tappahannock, VA, where we have a lot of family. My grandmother carried around a newspaper article about her niece, a chef in Chattanooga, TN. She was proud to show all the relatives the illuminating article.  My mother kept a copy of the article in her folder of collected newspaper articles about family and friends. It will be wonderful to look back on these in the future. Therefore, I think newspapers make great archives. I think it would be interesting and fun to visit our local libraries to look back at old Athens newspapers. I am particularly interested in seeing old photographs of Athens. And, I am curious to see what things they thought were important to report on.

I love to read. Reading the newspaper is a great way to have the opportunity to read if you do not have enough time for a chapter in a book. Newspapers are almost everywhere. They are good sources of entertainment in places like airports or in cafés. The crossword and other puzzles are wonderful ways to keep your mind sharp. Spotting them in a newspaper lying around urges you to do them. Community and movie schedules are a useful part of the newspaper. If you want things to do and places to go, the schedules help inform and also encourage ideas about how to spend your weekend, for example.

I like routines. No matter rain or shine, hot or cold temperatures you can always depend on your newspaper to be there to greet you in the morning.  Newspapers inspire and create dreams. People read about incredible deeds done in the newspaper, which could inspire people to read more about the story or even do something similar. The travel section in a newspaper is exciting. There is always a fabulous picture or two that make me want to read the article right away. And I fantasize about visiting the places that I see.

A newspaper is a versatile item. You can read it, of course, but also threaten your dog, fan yourself, doodle, jot down important notes, wrap-up a fish, start campfires, shield yourself from the rain… Try doing all that with a computer! 

Isabella DeMarco is a sixth-grade student at Athens Montessori School.