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Vote for Candidates Who Support Gun Control

Schools are supposed to be places of learning, exploration and safety. But we’ve watched over and over as they’ve been targeted by crazed gunmen with assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. Thanks to gun industry lobbyists and their enablers like candidates Herschel Walker, Mike Collins and Brian Kemp, nothing changes. Instead of common-sense gun reform to help end the bloodshed, we make our kids suffer through endless, traumatizing lockdown drills.

Instead of focusing on the real problem, Republicans look desperately for something to blame other than the easy availability of high-powered guns: school security guards, gun-free school zones, even the number of doors in the building. They demand that we turn our schools into armed fortresses, with only one door in and out, armed guards at the doors and teachers forced to carry guns. We don’t want prison schools. We want playgrounds, field trips and a return to our schools as places of shelter and learning, not

places of fear.

A majority of adults, including gun owners, support common-sense gun legislation like universal background checks, bans on high capacity magazines, red-flag laws and banning those who have been convicted of domestic violence from purchasing a gun. Any legislation to grant what the majority wants, MAGA Republicans block. The gun safety legislation passed this year happened only because Democrats control both chambers of Congress.

Our kids have suffered enough. Inflation will end. Vote for candidates that believe there is flexibility within the 2nd Amendment.