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Raffensperger Ignored Election Tampering by Trump Supporters

On Dec. 6, 2020, Donald Trump’s lawyer Sydney Powell signed off on sending her team of cyber people to examine the Coffee County Dominion voting machines. A local GOP election official—Kathy Latham, one of the Georgia GOP fake electors who recently moved to Texas—escorted the unauthorized cyber trespassers into the board of election offices. There they had unlimited access to voting machines and proceeded to download material from, then upload material onto the system, which is connected to the state electronic voting system. 

In May 2021, a business card of one of the cyber trespassers was found in the Coffee County election headquarters. The discovery of this evidence was reported to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office. His office said they’d investigate right away, which they did not. The recent release of video from the Coffee County Board of Elections office finally prompted the GBI and FBI to investigate the unlawful entry of the Powell-authorized trespassers. 

Raffensperger maintains no threat exists if Georgia’s Dominion machines are used for the 2022 elections, even though no one knows what the ramifications of the hacking of the Coffee County voting machines are or will soon be. Why did Raffensperger sit on this? To protect Sydney Powell and Trump? Unlikely. To protect his reputation rather than being exposed as a defender of a hopelessly hacked electronic voting system before the election? Maybe. 

Raffensperger’s solution to the hacked voting machines and software is to replace the voting equipment in Coffee County. This is totally inadequate. What happened with the Coffee County software and data downloaded and uploaded on Jan. 7, and who has access to it now? Despite what he says in his political ads, Raffensperger is not “securing the vote.”