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The People Have Spoken

In America, we pick our leaders. They may not know our names, but we certainly know theirs, and we know what kind of people they are and what kind of values they hold.  This is the beauty of a democracy. We decide—not a judge, a state legislature or even a candidate. We decide because no matter where we fall on the political spectrum, we all value democracy, freedom and fairness. 

Throughout our country’s relatively short but vaunted history, we have known our current presidents will do their constitutional and moral duty with respect to an organized transfer of power should the will of the people indicate that they should not remain in office. It’s just the way things are done in our beloved republic. In this election, we witnessed the clear, decisive will of the people. Every state elections administrator has vouched for the honesty and integrity of the peoples’ vote in this election, and so has the Republican-appointed head of the Department of Homeland Security. They have all, Republicans and Democrats alike, carefully counted and verified each vote, and they have always adhered to the standards and laws in each state. It is abundantly clear that the people have chosen Joe Biden as our next president. For America to continue to be land of the free, only voters decide who leads us, and we have spoken.