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DawgCheck Has No Teeth

At last! Jessica Luton finally touched on the fallacy behind the University of Georgia’s DawgCheck self-reporting of COVID numbers (“COVID Looks Like It’s About to Surge in Athens,” Nov. 6). Sixty-four positive reports Oct.19–25 is meaningless as long as UGA refuses to publish the percentage of students, faculty and staff who actually use DawgCheck. And there’s no way to verify the accuracy of DawgCheck, either. I suspect the percentage of faculty, staff and students who report is very low, judging by the appeals that bosses are making to remind folks to report. And I also suspect the accuracy of the reports is very low, too. I find it difficult to believe that pampered metro Atlanteens will bother to take their temperature, log onto DawgCheck and make their tedious report with any regularity—to say nothing of veracity.