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Boo to Boo-levard

How is Boulevard the only area where you’re judging Halloween houses?

I mean, I get it, if grunge was coming on the scene now, I get it. I met my wife in the tri-bar area in the early 1990s. Back in the day, Boulevard was Athens’ Little Five Points—hip, a little sketchy, filled with locals and artists who didn’t give a shit, but now Athens’ Little Five Points is like Little Five Points. R.E.M. got street cred for living in Normaltown, but now you’ve got to be in R.E.M. to afford Normaltown.

We were townies  Met at the Georgia Bar, hung out at the Roadhouse and the Engine Room, and then our oldest was born at Athens Regional, and we had to leave. It’s taken us 20 years to get back.

But we are back. And one of the things we did in our 20-year absence is own Halloween. We throw down the gauntlet. Boulevard, please. I see that weak-ass shit.  

I’m betting we’re not the only ones. Like the Dead Kennedys said, “Take your fun seriously.” I don’t care if my family comes, I ain’t got no presents, I ain’t going to church. It’s my favorite “H” in the trinity: heavy metal, horror, and Halloween.

See you next year. Bring it.