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Fix the Mitchell Bridge Road Freeway Overpass

Hello and well wishes to the fine people of our esteemed Transportation and Public Works Department. As an Athens resident and concerned citizen, both for my own life and that of others, I feel it is my duty to inform you, in case you may be unaware, of the incredibly dangerous situation any pedestrian faces if they need to cross Mitchell Bridge on foot. 

To the unaware, may I offer that from the point of view of a pedestrian, the bridge and “walkway” it provides seems designed entirely to frighten and torture the poor fellow who needs to cross. Also, it seems clear that the brave individual who undertakes such a feat faces danger of imminent death from two sides: On one hand, perhaps 20 inches separate the body from the cars whipping by at 50 miles per hour, but on the other, you know that one slip on the narrow ledge or even a fierce gust of wind could also send you toppling over the low railing, 60 feet down into the howling traffic below. 

Based on my careful calculations, it seems as if this tiny “safety” railing is positioned to provide maximum terror and extreme danger. Sometimes, in my low moments while navigating this terror as I trudge to work, I wonder if the bridge was designed by an epic sadist who wished to inspire suicidal thoughts in all who crossed it afoot.  

Anyway, I was curious, as a concerned citizen who has a good chance of dying on this bridge one day, may there be any plans to make the structure less dangerous and malevolent for those forced to move around with their legs? 

Thank you for your time and consideration.