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Democrats Face a Dilemma

Incredibly, the media and many pollsters seem to ignore the fact that we are not a democracy. The presidential race is decided by the Electoral College, not the popular vote. That’s how we ended up with Trump when Hillary Clinton had 3 million more votes.

Because of his relationship with President Obama, Joe Biden’s primary numbers with black voters are incredible: 53%, per the latest polls. The rest of the contenders are nowhere near him. Because many of the African-American voters are in very red Deep South states, where racism is strong and so is Trump, these black voters are essentially meaningless in the general election, where the Electoral College rules. 

Let’s take South Carolina, where Biden will clearly win the primary due to the black vote. In the general election, the black vote will come out strongly for him, but the GOP still will win the state. All of the state’s electoral votes then go to Trump.

Biden is not nearly as popular with white Democratic voters. Of course, they prefer him over Trump. But the question to ask is, “Will they get out and vote?” If you follow social media, the answer is “no.” Progressives weren’t very happy with Obama’s moderation, and since then the party has gone hard left. That’s just not Joe.