July 24, 2019

Sanford Stadium Needs Handrails

Thanks to Greg McGarity for the wonderful job he is doing and has done as athletic director of our great University of Georgia. I am a proud retiree of our institution who saw many improvements to our beautiful campus over my 30 years of employment, many of which were vast changes and improvements to Sanford Stadium. I am also a UGA football season ticket holder of 35 years, and a Gymdog season ticket holder as well.

I am writing to suggest a much-needed improvement to our lower level steps in Sanford Stadium. While attending football games, I have witnessed countless instances of senior adults losing their balance and/or falling or nearly falling because there are no handrails on sides of steps or down the center of the steps. Handrails are so important to those who may have a balance problem, orthopedic problems or age-related limits to function due to age.  

As our longevity increases, aging athletic fans still desire to be a part of home football games, but struggle at times to go up and down steps due to lack of any handrails. Many of those same seniors have long supported UGA football through the times when the Bulldogs have dropped out of the top 25, as well as being a winning, top-five team.

Please thoughtfully consider my request for placing some supports down aisles of lower level seats or even placed at intervals down the aisles of Sanford Stadium. Help those who want to continue to support the Athletic Association.