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Rep. Jody Hice Embarrasses Athens Again

U.S. Rep. Jody Hice was once a would-be Rush Limbaugh, spouting his ridiculous conspiracy theories on the radio. Few people knew of him outside of his hometown.

When the rural areas elected Hice, progressive Athens became stuck with a bad joke for a congressman. Now, people are laughing at Hice’s ridiculous performance at the Michael Cohen congressional hearing.

Hice decided to go on the offensive, and offensive he certainly was, stating that the hearing was a conspiracy “to bring the president down, to impugn the president.” And that there was an “agenda,” and the committee was “losing its credibility.”

Instead of trying to figure out the extent of our president’s illegal activities—which appear to be extensive—Hice decided to spend all of his time attacking the witness to the crimes, saying inviting him was a “shameful mockery” and “totally incompatible” with the committee’s mission to uncover the truth.

He also personally attacked Cohen’s attorney for representing Cohen under a delayed payment arrangement. Consistent with right-wing conspiracy theories, he also unsuccessfully attempted to tie Tom Steyer, the billionaire who’s heading an impeachment effort, to Cohen via financial payments to his attorney.

Hice mistakenly acted as though he had discovered something when Cohen indicated that his attorney had spoken to the committee chairman before the hearings. Of course they coordinated about what would be covered. There is an ongoing corruption investigation. Cohen cannot, and should not even consider, answering questions regarding this topic. It would place him in legal jeopardy.

Cohen admits his mistake. He apologized: “I’m responsible for your silliness, because I did the same thing that you are doing now, for 10 years.”

Rep. Hice, you criticize Cohen, but you totally ignore the president’s misdeeds and obviously have no interest in determining the truth of Cohen’s assertions. Be ashamed, and admit your mistake.