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Socialism Doesn’t Work

At this writing, in the socialist utopia of Venezuela, a kilogram of beef sells for around 2.7 million bolivars! A cup of coffee can be had for the bargain price of a mere 200,000 bolivars! In the past three years, over a million people have fled the country as fast as their feet can move them—all to escape the rosy wonders of socialism.

Remember this the next time you see that big cheesy grin on the face of “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Or when you hear Sen. Bernie Sanders peddling you some half-baked baloney promising to give you FREE health care, FREE tuition and FREE wages, whether you work or not!

These socialist fantasies always have one unmistakeable hallmark: no solid plan how to pay for it all, other then stealing the money from other people who worked their tails off to get it! So while the goals themselves are noble, the means of achieving them are not.

Socialism has been tried over and over again, and it has been proven by any objective measure and beyond all reasonable doubt to be an abysmal failure. It is the undisputed champion killer of all innovation and motivation. It is pure theft. And frankly, that is why IT DOES NOT WORK!