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Perdue Should Back DACA

I am seriously concerned about Sen. David Perdue’s recent actions to destroy our American values of openness to refugees and immigrants. In particular, I ask that he fully support —or, in fact, co-sponsor—a bill to not only allow DACA-approved people to stay in the U.S. to continue their work and studies, but also to grant them a reasonably simple, timely and sure path to citizenship. These young people have proved themselves to be exactly the people Perdue says he wants in the U.S. based on his “merit system.” They should be the first to be admitted fully. They have passed far more requirements than most any citizenship applicants. They contribute dramatically to our communities and country.

I expect my senators to take moral leadership that is indeed moral. I will continue to follow Perdue’s work in this regard, hoping to see that he has listened to me and a huge percentage of Americans who support DACA continuation AND extension to citizenship.