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Get Rid of Trump Now

Congress MUST act NOW to get our dangerous president out of office! Threatening North Korea on Twitter about nuclear war has to stop! I am demanding that the House either begin impeachment proceedings immediately or that the cabinet and vice president remove the president via the 25th Amendment. If you are a member of the Senate, you must convince the Speaker of the House to begin impeachment. I demand all government business stops until the president is removed. He is an immediate danger to our country and to the planet as a whole.

Do you want millions of human lives’ blood on your hands? Or worse, for you or your family to lose your lives? This is absurd and must stop now! No more nuclear threats on Twitter! No more unhinged individuals running the country! Stop the insanity! Impeach or remove Trump via the 25th Amendment! Otherwise—should we all survive this—your seat in Congress will be gone in November 2018.