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What Was Tea Party Letter-Writer Drinking?

Co-founder of the Savannah Tea Party Jeanne Seaver must have been drinking some spicy tea when she wrote that Georgia Sen. David Perdue is against big spending in the government and for a hefty tax break for Georgians. Who does she think she is talking to? She turns a blind eye toward Perdue’s slavish support of the Senate tax proposal that benefits the biggest corporations at the expense of individuals and small businesses, gives the corporations a permanent tax break but phases out the miniscule one for the rest of us in a decade, and takes health care away from upwards of 14 million people during that same decade just so they can pass this ill-conceived bill with only Republican votes in the Senate. Purdue is always moaning about the deficit, yet he was willing to vote for this bill even though it will blow up the deficit by another $1.5 trillion over the decade. Seaver can write what tea party propaganda she wants—this is still a free country—but that doesn’t mean that thinking, rational Georgians will swallow it.  I’m having none of it, Ms. Seaver.