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Athens Uncharted Is Delightful

This is in response to Jessica Smith’s article in the Aug. 10 issue of Flagpole, “Athens Uncharted Launches Athventures.” After reading the article, my son and I decided to investigate this intriguing project and pulled up the Athens Uncharted website. Much to our delight, we discovered an interactive way to get out, enjoy the sights of Athens, learn about habits of animals we never knew existed and stretch our intellectual and electronic acumen. We had already begun to explore the attractions in Athens, but this added a dimension that exceeded the traditional “next we’ll go here, then we’ll go there” aspect of a regular tour.

Now that we have completed the crossword puzzle, the only remaining thing is to collect our prize. We are undecided about whether or not to continue in the spirit of Athventures and accept the prize of being able to personally interact with a snake and an owl at Bear Hollow (my son’s choice) or interact with a cake from The Grit (mine). Whichever we decide, and even if there were no material rewards, this has been an educational and cultural experience we hope to continue in the next installment of Athventures. Kudos to Bowen Craig, Mark Katzman and Will Eskridge for creating this lovely, lovely experience.