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Guns Are Costing Us Jobs

Don’t be a dim bulb and believe that somebody is going to take your guns away. You will seem like a baby clutching his pacifier.  

Your cars, boats and motorcycles are regulated, but unless you fail to make a payment, nobody takes those away. Regulation is merely a method of trying to ensure that some half-wit doesn’t stockpile guns and ammunition to exterminate a roomful of school children, an office full of colleagues or a movie theater filled with innocent people enjoying their popcorn.

Georgia has become a duplication of a Wild West scenario, with people flaunting guns everywhere, strutting proudly, like Jesse James in a bar room. Not a day goes by that we don’t read of somebody being shot at a party, at a family reunion or while bringing in the garbage can. How can we expect to attract businesses that will bring jobs to our people when their representatives are taking their lives into their hands just by visiting Georgia to talk about it?

The faster this country lurches into anarchy and lawless behavior, the faster we slither down the drain into Third World status. We cannot hope to be considered a country that represents the ideal of millions worldwide when we allow a caboodle of thugs to represent us as our national identity.