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EPD Should Obey Court Order on Wetlands

On Aug. 12, Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Judson Turner issued a directive to all EPD field offices directing them to defy the Georgia Court of Appeals ruling that would have given the marsh buffer back to our coastal salt marshes.

I have devoted the last 20 years of my life to the protection of marshes, wetlands and streams, and this directive flies in the face of nature’s natural order for protecting itself. Mr. Turner’s directive is not only wrong but places Georgia’s salt marshes in jeopardy.

We are a nation of laws made up to protect many things including the environment, yet it appears that Georgia may be preparing to attempt to take us down the slippery slope of a police state with this directive. The EPD director is appointed by the governor (Nathan Deal) and in that position speaks for the governor as his appointee. Why is Gov. Deal defying the courts of Georgia unless he wants a police state?

We want our marshes healthy, safe and protected, but our elected officials and their appointees appear to see this differently, and, therefore, the people must seek political change.