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Ideas for the Armstrong & Dobbs Property

Here are some thoughts about usage of Armstrong & Dobbs tract. I support some calls for an outdoor amphitheater, not only for the musical tradition of the town, but also for the budding film industry of Athens. Who could resist sitting under the stars and moon and watching Casablanca or some new romantic comedy made in Athens?

My second dream is a little more futuristic. With a climate change, I am certain that senior citizens will spend more and more time inside. Because of that, and a need to learn more about interaction between people and plants, I would suggest that a small complex be built to study the effects of a closed environment on humans and plants. For instance, a glass pavilion with places for sport activities, walking tracks, dancing, coffee shops, a small eating area and plants.

I am certain that the scientists of the University of Georgia, the National Institute of Health, the Smithsonian institutions and the New York and Missouri botanical gardens can develop this idea further.