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Oh, You Larry Munson

Upon rising Monday morning, I learned Larry Munson died last night. Sugar looked like it was falling from the sky. Or were those tears of joyful celebration of a life that brought endless hours of entertainment? The greatest compliment given him, perhaps, was that listening to him describing a game was almost better than actually watching the action live. With the advent of iPhones and instant messaging there is not as much of a need to listen to a game. Nowadays, everything is “BB&T, he goes back to throw,” “Cook’s Pest Control, he drops it wide open.” Back before every game was on TV, Larry was my contact, my link to a game, to reality. Back then, I had to work every Saturday, one ear listening and the rest of me working. There will never be another. The times have changed. If the Dawgs beat LSU, Bama or Arkansas two weeks from now, the sugar may once again fall from the sky (Dome). Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Oh, you Larry Munson.