ACCR Headcleaner

An aspiring sportswriter turned psychedelic punk, an art student whose exit show featured the abrasive juxtaposition of psuedo-Muslim clothing design and tornado sirens, and a scrawny shit-starter weaned on power violence all moved out West and started a noise rock group. That’s how CCR Headcleaner was formed: Justin Flowers, Al Cargile, and Nick Givens (respectively), all Athens terrorizers at one point, moved to the high-cost hills of San Francisco and promptly became homeless. They quickly ingratiated themselves to the scummy out-shit art punks of the West Coast, effectively joining blown-out act the Hospitals and getting into bitchy internet scuffles with dream-pop darlings Girls. Living the dream! Here’s the boys hard at work, covering Led Zeppelin and smoking salvia onstage:

A year and change ago or so, Givens relocated back to Athens. Rather than start over from square one, he decided to do something kind of amazing: he started a franchise. Thus—wait for it—ACCR Headcleaner. Same approach—psycho stimuli overload, punk done to death and then cruelly defibrillated back to life, still smoking from the charge—different state. Givens has enlisted Will Donaldson (who has recently been bringing vigorously chopped and screwed “booby bass” to audiences as Chamber Music) and Adam Bewley (Paper Tanks, Sugar Dicks) to bring his band’s unhinged brand of power psych to Athens, which could always, always use an interjection of true punk energy. To hear Donaldson tell it, other participants aren’t out of the question, and may hinge on “who shows up.” ACCR Headcleaner will be playing its debut performance at a house party on Monday, Nov. 21 with West Coast thrash band Culture Kids; for information regarding location, email, and while you’re at it, check out a bunch of these weirdos’ leftover debris at their Soundcloud page.