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Weekly Athens Area COVID Deaths Hit All-Time High

Credit: Lee Becker

The Department of Public Health on Tuesday reported five deaths from COVID-19 in the Northeast Health District and 219 confirmed cases of the disease, pushing up the seven-day rolling averages of added deaths and of added cases.

The seven-day rolling average of added deaths, two of which were in Clarke County, increased from 2.4 on Monday to 3.0 on Tuesday, its highest point ever.

The 10-county Northeast Health District had recorded five deaths on a single day five time before Tuesday and only once had recorded more deaths, seven, on June 2.

Bucking the trend in the state, the 219 added cases in the District were the second highest number ever recorded in the Department of Public Health’s Daily Status Report and pushed the seven-day rolling average of added cases from 118.0 on Monday to 125.9 on Tuesday.

Every county in the 10-county district added at least five cases. Oconee County added nine, and Clarke County added 53.

The two Clarke County deaths were of an 83-year-old man without a known chronic condition and of an 86-year-old woman without a chronic condition.

The death in Greene County was of a woman without a chronic condition labeled as 90-plus in age. The death in Oglethorpe County was of an 80-year-old woman with a chronic condition. The death in Walton County was of a 71-year-old man without a chronic condition.

Clarke County now has 27 deaths attributed to COVID-19, while Greene County has 15, Oglethorpe County has nine, and Walton County has 44, the most of any of the 10 counties in the Northeast Health District.

Clarke is the largest county in the district based on population, followed by Walton County. Oglethorpe County is the smallest in terms of population, with Greene County just slightly larger.

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