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COVID-19 Cases Surge but May Be Leveling Off

The Georgia Department of Public Health in its noon Daily Status Report on Tuesday listed 36 new cases of confirmed COVID-19 in the 10-county Northeast Health District and one additional death in Clarke County attributable to the disease.

The increase of 36 cases was the largest increase since the 46 cases were added on Tuesday a week ago and the 36 were added on Mar. 31, two weeks ago. The total number of cases in the region now stands at 355.

The added death in Clarke County was of a 76-year-old man without known underlying conditions.

Clarke County added 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the 24-hour period ending at noon on Tuesday, and Oconee County added two.

The new data for the Northeast Health District parallel those for the state of Georgia.

The Department of Public Health added 908 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the noon Tuesday Daily Status Report across the state. The new total is 14,223 cases.

The state added 37 new deaths attributable to the disease in the 24-hour period ending at noon on Tuesday, bringing the state total to 501.

The state figures show the same pattern as those locally, with numbers jumping on Tuesdays.

But the increases this Tuesday were less than those on the previous Tuesday.

A computing of a rolling or moving average across a seven-day period—reflecting the bias or pattern in the data—suggests that, despite the increase, the growth in cases and deaths may be leveling off or even showing a slight decline.

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