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Georgia COVID-19 Deaths Jump by 100 in 24 Hours

Photo Credit: Lee Becker

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increased greatly in Oconee County and the Northeast Georgia region on Tuesday, reflecting the dramatic increase across the state in the noon Daily Status Report from the Georgia Department of Health.

The report shows Oconee County with 32 confirmed cases, up from 24 at noon on Monday, and Clarke County with 77, up from 69 at noon on Monday.

Across the 10-county Northeast Health District of the state Department of Health, which includes both Oconee and Clarke counties, the number of confirmed cases was 236, up from 190 at noon on Monday.

The increases were the largest ever recorded for the region, more than doubling the increase of 22 from the day before. The increase for Oconee County was also the largest increase ever shown in the Daily Status Report.

The noon Tuesday Daily Status report showed 17 deaths attributable to COVID-19 in the Northeast Health District, with new cases since noon Monday in Clarke, Barrow and Green counties.

The state of Georgia witnessed its largest number of added new confirmed COVID-19 cases with the noon Tuesday Daily Status Report. A total of 1,504 new cases was added to reach the total of 8,818. The largest increase before Tuesday had been the addition of 1,008 cases on Mar. 31.

The state also recorded the largest increase in deaths attributable to the disease, adding 100 cases. The number of deaths now stands at 329. The largest increase before had been 31 on Apr. 1.

The CEOs of Piedmont Athens Regional and St. Mary’s hospitals in Athens said in a conference call organized by local business leaders on Monday that the two hospitals are prepared for a surge in patients, which their models predict could come between late April and late May or even early June.

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