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Here’s Who’s Running for Office in Athens

The qualifying period to run for local, state and federal offices ended Friday, Mar. 6. Here’s a list of who’s running in Athens. (D) and (R) indicate party affiliation; most local races are nonpartisan. Asterisks indicate incumbents.

Athens-Clarke County Commission

District 2: Mariah Parker*

District 4: Michael Stapor, Allison Wright*

District 6: Jesse Houle, Jerry NeSmith*

District 8: Andrea Farnham, Kamau Hull, Carol Myers

District 10: Mike Hamby*, Knowa Johnson

Clarke County School Board

District 2: Mary P. Bagby, Kirrena Gallagher

District 4: Patricia Yager*

District 6: Mumbi Anderson

District 8: Nicole Hull

State Legislature

Senate District 46: Bill Cowsert (R)*, Zachary Perry (D)

Senate District 47: Frank Ginn (R)*, Dawn Johnson (D)

House District 117: Houston Gaines (R)*, Mokah Johnson (D)

House District 118: Spencer Frye (D)*

House District 119: Jonathan Wallace (D), Marcus Wiedower (R)*


9th Congressional District: Michael Boggus (R), Paul Broun (R), Andrew Clyde (R), Matt Gurtler (R), Maria Strickland (R), Kevin Tanner (R), Ethan Underwood (R), Kellie Weeks (R), John Wilkinson (R), Devin Pandy (D), Brooke Siskin (D), Dan Wilson (D)

10th Congressional District: Andrew Ferguson (D), Jody Hice (R)*, Tabitha Johnson-Green (D)

U.S. Senate (Perdue): David Perdue (R)*, Sarah Riggs Amico (D), Marckeith DeJesus (D), James Knox (D), Tricia Carpenter McCracken (D), Jon Ossoff (D), Maya Dillard Smith (D), Teresa Tomlinson (D)

U.S. Senate (Loeffler): Doug Collins (R), Derrick Grayson (R), Annette Jackson (R), A. Wayne Johnson (R), Kelly Loeffler (R)*, Kandiss Taylor (R), Deborah Jackson (D), Jamesia James (D), Tamara Johnson-Shealey (D), Matt Lieberman (D), Joy Felicia Slade (D), Ed Tarver (D), Rafael Warnock (D), Richard Dien Winfield (D), Brian Slowinski (Libertarian), Al Bartell (Independent), Michael Todd Greene (I), Valencia Stovall (I), John Fortuin (Green), Rod Mack (write-in)

Other Offices

Sheriff: Ira Edwards (D)*, Robert Hare (R), John Q. Williams (D)

Clerk of Superior Court: Beverly Logan (D)*

Coroner: Sonny Wilson (D)*

Probate Court Judge: Susan Shaffer

Tax Commissioner: Toni Meadow*

State Court Judge 1: Charles Auslander*

State Court Judge 2: Ethelyn Simpson*

Chief Magistrate Judge: Patricia Barron*

Superior Court Judge: Lawton Stephens*

Superior Court Judge: Patrick Haggard*

Public Service Commission, District 1: Jason Shaw (R)*, Robert G. Bryant (D)

Public Service Commission, District 4: Lauren “Bubba” McDonald (R)*, Daniel Blackman (D), John Noel (D)

Nonpartisan elections will be held along with Democratic and Republican primaries May 19.