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High Turnout for Runoff in Oconee County

More Oconee County voters cast Republican ballots in early voting for the runoff elections than cast Republican ballots during early voting for the party primaries in May.

That was true even though there was one fewer days of early voting in the runoff because of the July 4 holiday and no Saturday voting.

In the 14 days of early voting that ended Friday, 2,103 voters cast Republican Party ballots, compared with the 1,967 voters who cast Republican ballots in the 16 days of early voting before the May 22 primary.

Overall, the county recorded 617 fewer votes in early voting for the runoffs than in early voting for the May primaries, largely because only 83 Democrats cast a ballot during the July early voting period.

Republicans have three top-ticket races on the ballot to be decided in the runoff election on Tuesday: for governor, for lieutenant governor and for secretary of state.

Democrats will decide only the state school superintendent race.

Voting on Tuesday at the county’s 13 precincts will be from 7 a.m to 7 p.m.