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Who’s Running for Which Office in Athens?

Photo Credit: Nicole Adamson

Commission District 7 candidate Russell Edwards (left, with pan flute) joined District 1 candidate Patrick Davenport, District 5 candidate Tim Denson, school board member Greg Davis and a small group of supporters for a jam session at City Hall before qualifying Monday.

The five-day qualifying period when candidates officially sign up to run for local, state and federal offices in Georgia ended at noon today. Here’s who will be on the ballot:

Mayor: Harry Sims, Kelly Girtz, Richie Knight.

Commission District 1: Sharyn Dickerson (I), Patrick Davenport.

Commission District 2: Mariah Parker, Taylor Pass.

Commission District 3: Melissa Link (I), Tony Eubanks.

Commission District 5: Jared Bailey (I), Tim Denson, Danielle Benson.

Commission District 7: Russell Edwards, Bill Overend, Carl Blount.

Commission District 9: Tommy Valentine, Ovita Thornton.

School Board District 1: Greg Davis (I).

School Board District 3: Linda Davis (I)

School Board District 5: Imani Scott-Blackwell, Kara Dyckman.

School Board District 7: LaKeisha Gantt, Carol S. Williams (I).

School Board District 9: Tawana Smith Mattox.

Solicitor General: C.R. Chisholm (I)(D).

Superior Court Judge: Regina Quick (I), Lisa Lott.

Superior Court Judge: Eric Norris (I), Allison Mauldin.

Senate District 46: Bill Cowsert (I)(R), Marisue Hilliard (D).

Senate District 47: Frank Ginn (I)(R), Dawn Johnson (D), Scott Howard (R).

House District 117: Deborah Gonzalez (I)(D), Houston Gaines (R).

House District 118: Spencer Frye (I)(D).

House District 119: Jonathan Wallace (I)(D), Steven Strickland (R), Marcus Wiedower (R).

9th Congressional District: Doug Collins (I)(R), Josh McCall (D), Dave Cooper (D).

10th Congressional District: Bradley Griffin (R), Chalis Montgomery (D), Jody Hice (I)(R), Richard Dien Winfield (D), Tabitha A. Johnson-Green (D).

Nonpartisan local elections (mayor and commission, school board, judge) will be held May 22, in conjunction with the Democratic and Republican primaries.

* I = incumbent; D = Democrat; R = Republican.