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ACC Police: We Got the Natty Under Control

Win or lose, Athens-Clarke County police want you to know there will be no riots in the streets of Athens tonight after Georgia plays in the college football national championship game.

The department called a news conference earlier this afternoon to discuss plans for public safety downtown. The game is in Atlanta, but local police expect a crowd along the lines of a typical UGA home game—potentially tens of thousands of people, according to Sgt. Epifiano Rodriguez.

In cooperation with UGA police, ACCPD will be deploying extra officers downtown, with more in reserve in case things get out of hand. Rodriguez declined to discuss specific numbers for security reasons.

“We’re prepared for anything that might happen downtown,” he said.

Regardless of the outcome, the Bulldog Nation is unlikely to celebrate this way:


Our mamas raised us better. It’s not like we went to Auburn, after all.