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Kemp Hits Back at Abrams’ Voter Suppression Jab

Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s feud with House Minority Leader and Democratic candidate for governor Stacey Abrams continued this week after Abrams accused Kemp of voter suppression at an Athens campaign rally.

For Kemp, “voter suppression is a way of life,” Abrams said Saturday, criticizing Georgia’s aging electronic voting machines and photo-ID requirement.

Monday, Kemp, a Republican who’s also running for governor, released a statement in response to the AJC‘s summary of a Flagpole article:

Even with record turnout election after election, liberals like Stacey Abrams continue to attack me and the common sense policies that hardworking Georgians throughout our state overwhelmingly support. Despite their brazen bullying, baseless accusations and ridiculous lawsuits, I will continue to fight—and win—for Georgia voters. I won’t be deterred, and I won’t back down.

Kemp, an Athens resident, has been clashing with Abrams on this issue since 2014. She has accused him and his staff of dragging their feet on processing applications submitted by her voter-registration organization, the New Georgia Project. That group also sued Kemp’s office in 2016 seeking to reinstate 35,000 people removed from voter rolls due to mismatched information; the lawsuit was settled earlier this year.

Kemp has also been caught up in several controversies involving voters’ personal information, including a 2015 data breach, and his recent decision to turn over such information to President Trump’s commission that’s attempting to find evidence to back up Trump’s false claims that millions of people voted illegally last November.