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11 Days of Christmas: Athens Defeats Campus Carry

Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones/file

An anti-HB 859 protest at the Arch Apr. 27.

As the Flagpole staff takes a much-needed break over the holidays, we’re reposting 11 of our most popular, most important, funniest and/or otherwise noteworthy stories of this most dismal of years. Look for a new post each day through Jan. 2.

It almost seems like a minor issue now, given what’s about to be unleashed by the Trump Administration, but last spring UGA was up in arms (bad pun intended) about a bill to legalize guns on college campuses.

After weeks of protests and a highly effective Twitter campaign, Gov. Nathan Deal shocked supporters and critics alike by vetoing the bill. Here’s how it went down.

Don’t think this fight is over, though—the bill will probably be back next year. After the inevitable threats to abortion rights, health care, undocumented immigrants and other progressive causes, will anyone have enough energy left to fight it?