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100 Prince Is Back With No Changes



Photo Credit: Smith Planning Group

100 Prince—the mixed use development proposed for the St. Joseph Catholic Church property—will be resubmitted this month with no changes, according to Jim Warnes, the Athens attorney for the Greenville, SC development company Homes Urban.

Plans were withdrawn in early May, just before the Athens-Clarke County Commission was to vote on (and likely approve) them. At the time, Warnes told Flagpole that Homes Urban was facing issues with lining up a main commercial tenant, high construction bids and tax credits for development in low-income areas.

“When Urban Homes asked the County Commission to send the rezone request for the St. Joseph property back to the Planning Commission, we announced we would let the neighborhoods know before any resubmittal was made,” Warnes wrote in an email message today. “Urban Homes has been able to resolve the issues that were the reason for sending the project back to the Planning Commission without making any changes from the initial submittal.”

Warnes said the plans will be refiled prior to July 1, setting up a planning commission hearing on Aug. 4 and an ACC commission vote Sept. 6. The planning commission recommended that the county commission approve the previous, identical set of plans.

Plans for the property on Prince Avenue between Pulaski and Childs street include a small grocery store, a restaurant in the preserved St. Joe’s sanctuary,  and 126 one- and two-bedroom apartments and townhouses.

It has drawn some opposition from neighbors on Childs, Pulaski and Barrow but support from the broader community, including the Boulevard neighborhood association.