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Michael Stipe Might Attend an Anti-Campus Carry Rally on Wednesday


Michael Stipe has already made it abundantly clear that he opposes Georgia’s “campus carry” bill, and the former R.E.M. frontman expounded on his reasoning in a USA Today op-ed published this morning.

A few of the salient points:

Like many other Georgians, I am worried about how guns on campus would affect college life. I worry about what it means when loaded guns are allowed at a tailgate where alcohol is being served. I’m concerned for survivors of sexual assault, who may soon have to face an armed assailant at the time of the crime and again at their disciplinary hearing.

I’m worried about classrooms. If students are debating a contested subject – which is crucial to learning and expanding their worldviews – I worry what will happen to that open and honest conversation when the participants know that the people around them could have loaded guns in their backpacks.

A group of UGA-affiliated writers called the Poetry Action Network is organizing a rally against House Bill 859, and member Laura Solomon said they are hoping Stipe will attend. It’s scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Arch.

The group is still collecting photos by email ( and Twitter (@vetocampuscarry) of Athenians holding signs expressing their opposition to the bill to send to Gov. Nathan Deal.

Deal has until May 3 to sign or veto the bill.