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State Agents Swarmed Downtown Last Weekend

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Reports swirled over the weekend that police and state agents were “raiding” student bars in downtown Athens looking for underage drinkers.

While various social media sources and media outlets reported that the raid was conducted by ACC police, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and/or the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, in reality it was the Georgia Department of Revenue.

DoR’s Alcohol and Tobacco Division’s plainclothes and uniformed agents regularly conduct compliance checks around the state to ensure establishments that serve alcohol are following state law, department spokesman William Gaston said. The primary goal isn’t to cite underage drinkers, he said, although some were cited.

Agents conducted compliance checks at 26 locations and issued 11 tickets, Gaston said.

ACCPD was not involved in the operation, according to spokeswoman Hilda Sorrow.