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Athens Power Rankings for the Week of Feb. 1


Photo Credit: Craig O’Neal

Welcome to Athens Power Rankings. In the spirit of sports rating systems, through painstaking analysis, we rank the top movers and shakers in the Classic City each week. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Find out below.

1. Alan Reddish

Athens-Clarke County’s longtime manager is retiring this week and offers his parting thoughts in the upcoming City Dope.

2. John Bell

The Widespread Panic frontman is this week’s cover boy!

3. AthFest Educates

The June music festival’s parent organization gave out a round of grants and is accepting submissions for the next AthFest compilation CD. Threats & Promises has the scoop.

4. Space Kroger

The world’s largest Kroger out on Highway 29 has a host of new dining options, including Tokyo Express. Hillary Brown reviews it in the Feb. 10 issue.

5. Bob Bohler

Central Presbyterian’s conservative pastor is at the heart of an internal conflict over how accepting the church should be of gay and lesbian leaders and same-sex marriage. Read more in the Feb. 3 issue.