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Dodd Ferrelle Is the Next Mayor of Winterville

Photo Credit: Justin Evans

Ferrelle (right) with bandmate Tim Adams.

Singer-songwriter Dodd Ferrelle was elected mayor of Winterville on Tuesday with 53 percent of the vote.

Running on a platform of citizen involvement, revitalizing downtown, improving Winterville Elementary School and keeping Winterville’s small-town charm while preparing for growth, Ferrelle beat engineer George Chandler (who received 27 percent of the vote) and city councilman Kenneth Hodges (20 percent).

He will replace Mayor Emily Eisenman, who declined to run for re-election, in January.

In addition, Mary Williams Quinn and Markus Boenig were elected to the Winterville City Council. They’ll replace Hodges and Mark Farmer, who didn’t run for a fourth term.

More than half of registered voters—351 out 638—turned out in the tiny town on the eastern edge of Clarke County.

No other elections were held locally on Tuesday.