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Bill Cowsert Explains His Vote for a Tax Hike

State Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-Athens) told a small group of Oconee County Republicans earlier this month that he voted in favor of the tax increases for transportation in March because the bill gave legislators more control over the Georgia Department of Transportation and “capped” the fuel tax—something the tax bill does only in part.

Cowsert also defended the $5 per night fee added to hotel and other lodging bills as part of the transportation act on the grounds that most of those paying the fee will be from out of state.

Cowsert was joined by Rep. Chuck Williams, both of whom represent Clarke and Oconee counties in the General Assembly, in a legislative wrap-up session hosted on May 21 by the Oconee County Republican Party at the Watkinsville Community Center. About 15 people attended.

Cowsert said his vote in favor of the bill “was the hardest vote I had to make this session because I pride myself that I had never voted to increase taxes of any type.

“I voted for a short-term tax increase but a long-term tax cut,” Cowsert said, and he brought along a chart to help justify his interpretation of his vote.

Cowsert acknowledged he was not very good at math and that he had simplified his presentation, focusing on gross comparisons.

For more visit Oconee County Observations. Cowsert goes on to give an overview of the bill that doesn’t jibe with what’s really in it.