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Athens Power Rankings for the Week of Mar. 23

Welcome to Athens Power Rankings. In the spirit of sports rating systems, through painstaking analysis, we rank the top movers and shakers in the Classic City each week. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Find out below.

1. Slingshot Festival

The arts/tech/EDM/Japanese/a buncha other stuff event gears up Thursday, and Flagpole has an extensive preview running tomorrow.

2. Reptar

Everyone’s favorite Athens band named after a Rugrat has a new album coming and a headlining slot at Slingshot.

3. Kelly Girtz

Can’t catch a cab? The Athens-Clarke County commissioner is taking a much-needed look at our local taxi ordinance.

4. The Board of Regents

Shhhh. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about your health insurance. 

5. Georgia Organics

Along with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the Atlanta-based nonprofit is making it easier for Athens farms to get certified organic.