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Lawmakers Introduce the Flagpole Crosswalk Act

Photo Credit: Krysia Haag

Under state law, drivers don’t have to stop for pedestrians until those pedestrians are already in the crosswalk, so when you’re standing on the curb cussing out cars while you frantically waving your flag, know that Mario Andretti over there is well within his rights.

That may change soon. Today, group of state legislators—including Reps. Spencer Frye (D-Athens), Regina Quick (R-Athens) and Chuck Williams (R-Watkinsville) introduced House Bill 417, which Frye dubbed the Flagpole Crosswalk Act. This bill would require drivers to stop whenever a flashing beacon at a crosswalk, like the one in front of The Grit or Daily Grocery, is activated. (It would also be a crime to activate the beacon with no intention of crossing.)

The bill had not been assigned to committee.