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Send Us Your Prince Flag Photos, Win Lunch at the Grit

Photo Credit: Blake Aued

Athens-Clarke County installed the orange flags at two Prince Avenue crosswalks Wednesday morning, and by Thursday afternoon—I’m surprised it took this long—people were already replacing them with their own, more creative banners.

And so Flagpole is pleased to announce our Prince Avenue fly-your-own flag contest. Wave a white flag and surrender to the cars. Wave a checkered flag and let the drivers know to start their engines. Wave a Confederate flag if you want Boulevard to secede from Athens. (Actually, that last one’s not so cool. Don’t do that.) “Game of Thrones” fan? Winter is coming! You get the picture. Let your freak flag fly!

Send a photo to by noon next Friday, Jan. 17. We’ll pick a winner, who will receive a $25 gift certificate to The Grit. (Flagpole assumes no liability for you being run over getting there.) We’ll also post your photos on our website.