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Oconee Voters Oppose Redistricting


The Oconee County Republican Party Executive Committee’s attempt to assist in reuniting Oconee County in a single district in the Georgia House of Representatives is likely to have the reverse effect.

Less than half of the Republican voters in the May 20 primary said they want to change the county representation in the Georgia House so that the county has a single representative.

Even majorities in the three precincts split off from the rest of the county in 2011 redistricting voted in favor of the existing system.

The ballot item is nonbinding, but District 117 Rep. Regina Quick said before the election she would be watching to see if citizens expressed views consistent with county leadership, which opposed the split of the county into two districts.

Rep. Chuck Williams from the 119th said after the vote he will be interested in what the Oconee County Board of Commissioners will say now that at least some voters have spoken for the status quo.

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