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Pre-Election Day Roundup

Early voting is over and Election Day is tomorrow. Here’s what’s happening in the waning days and hours of the campaign.

• Early voting numbers were just sad: 3,186 in-office ballots cast and 285 absentee ballots mailed out in a county with 54,000 registered voters. Supervisor of Elections and Voter Registration Gail Schrader did not have partisan figures at her fingertips, but more voters are picking Democratic ballots than Republican, she said. (UPDATE: 2,027 Democratic ballots and 1,130 Republican, which is about the usual ration.) Overall, Schrader expects a mere 21–22 percent turnout. 

• Tim Denson went on Tim Bryant this morning and hit back at Mayor Nancy Denson for saying that Tim will “more than double” your property taxes. “I’m shocked that she would say that, being a former tax commissioner, because she has to see that there’s no way that would happen, ever,” he said. “That’s an extreme exaggeration, a bit of fear mongering here.” Nancy will be on 1340 WGAU tomorrow at 9 a.m.

• Both candidates campaigned at the Marigold Festival in Winterville on Saturday. Nancy rode a fire truck—not an ACC truck, but the old one owned by the guy who owns the service station at Broad and Alps.

• They also hit up the People on Prince event Saturday. Organizer Tony Eubanks reported on Facebook that “Tim Denson walked, talked and listened. The other candidate went to Taqueria and put stickers on small children.” Police prevented volunteers from escorting people across the street while failing to ticket drivers who sped through the crosswalk, Eubanks said.

• Three “progressive” commissioners wrote a letter to the Athens Banner-Herald telling people to vote for Nancy because she’s pro-development. Huh?

• Dave Hudgins has been blanketing District 5 with mailers telling voters he’s in favor of new downtown design guidelines, which ought to make some ears perk up.

• Tim produced a new online and cable ad. although he lacks to the money to put it on cable. There is much sign waving and bike riding and beard having.

• They’re a few months old, but here, watch Nancy’s, too.

• Nancy’s Election Night party will be at Buffalo’s Southwest Cafe on Alps Road. Tim will be at Little Kings, Rachel Watkins at the Hi-Lo and Jared Bailey at Normal Bar. Melissa Link will be at Flicker for awhile before heading over to Tim’s party.