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Paul Broun Wants to Get You High

As long as you have a medical condition that can be treated with marijuana, that is.

Athens Rep. Paul Broun (who’s also running in the Republican U.S. Senate primary) said Wednesday that he plans to offer an amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill when it comes to the House floor that would bar federal prosecution of patients who are approved to use medical marijuana under state law. In other words:

Medical marijuana isn’t legal in Georgia yet, but Gov. Nathan Deal is planning clinical trials.

Said Broun in a news release:

The very first night I came to Washington in 2007, a similar amendment was being voted on in the U.S. House, which I was pleased to support. Today, I join my colleagues from both sides of the aisle in promoting this amendment because it makes sense from both a medical perspective and a Constitutional perspective. This amendment would ensure that medical marijuana patients adhering to their state’s laws would not be punished by an overreaching federal government. It also returns medical decisions to their appropriate place – between you and your doctor. As a firm believer in the Constitution as our Founding Fathers intended, I will continue to work to return powers back to the states and prevent government from interfering where it should not. I urge my colleagues to pass this common-sense amendment when it comes before the House and take a stand for states’ rights and individual liberty.

As we all know, every day George Washington would come home, and Martha’d have a fat bowl waiting for him when he’d come in the door. She was a hip, hip lady, man.