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Athens Power Rankings for the Week of Mar. 31

Welcome to Athens Power Rankings. In the spirit of sports rating systems, through painstaking analysis, we rank the top movers and shakers in the Classic City each week. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Find out below.

1. Nancy Denson 

The Prince Avenue situation is a reminder that the power of the mayor isn’t so much the power to make things happen as the power to make sure they don’t.

2. Wes Rogers

Did you like Selig? The sequel is coming soon to a downtown near you.

3. CMT

“Party Down South” has taken over!

4. Jill Helme

The newly hired executive director of AthFest Educates is taking the nonprofit to the next level.

5. The Board of Regents

Sorry, smokers, you’ll have to get your nic fix off campus.