March 30, 2014

CMT's 'Party Down South' Is Coming to Athens


The CMT reality show "Party Down South" will film its second season in Athens, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

I had never seen nor heard of this show, but apparently it's sort of a redneck "Real World" involving 20-year-olds getting drunk, fighting and generally acting like some Yankee's stereotype of Southerners. 

The first season was set in Murrells Inlet, SC. Producers wanted to tape the second season in Pensacola, FL, but locals rose up in fear of the swath of destruction and mayhem the show would bring with it. 

USA Today ran a piece last month about cities passing laws to keep out "Party Down South." It quotes Murrells Inlet resident Leon Rice, a friend of Flagpole reader Grady Thrasher:

"They raised sand all night long," [Rice] said. "I'm not a prude. But they had six flood lights shining in the yard 24/7. They were very, very inconsiderate … rude and abusive to our peace and quiet and rights."

When he and other neighbors asked them to tone things down on school nights so everyone could sleep, they were met with resounding "Nos," Rice said.

"I'd say run — don't walk — away from these people," he said. "If you don't have a film ordinance, you probably will when they leave."

In other words, yay, even more urine and vomit downtown. Can't wait!

UPDATE: According to Facebook commenters, THEY'RE ALREADY HERE. That makes sense, because the new season airs starting June 5.

Shokitini manager Buddha Yo said the cast and crew visited yesterday. "The guys from the show were in a white truck together and the fat one held up a sign and pointed to a server. The sign said 'show me your boobs.' Classless," he said.

They've also been spotted at Volstead, and they're planning on visiting Toppers International Showbar. (That oughta be fun.)

They wanted to film at the Hi-Lo Lounge, too, but co-owner Katie Gasperec said no.