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Athens Power Rankings for the Week of Mar. 24

Welcome to Athens Power Rankings. In the spirit of sports rating systems, through painstaking analysis, we rank the top movers and shakers in the Classic City each week. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Find out below.

1. Khalid Alsafadi, Carden Wyckoff and Marquise Lane

In response to these three students’ Comment on the handicapped inaccessibility of the UGA Arch that ran in Flagpole two weeks ago, the university has offered to explore the possibility of constructing a temporary ramp on the iconic site following spring commencement each year.

2. Creature Comforts Brewery

The much-anticipated local beer company started brewing today. Finally. Soon: suds.

3. Eleanor Davis

The Athens-based artist was responsible for last Thursday’s neato Google Doodle, which heralded the start of spring. (You hear that, weather? It’s spring in Georgia. Cool it with the chilly shit.)

4. Kai Riedl and Eric Marty

The co-founders of the Slingshot Festival have much to celebrate after the second annual event went off without a hitch (or, at least, appeared to, which is equally laudable).  

5. UGA women’s swim team

The dames of the deep end won their sixth NCAA title Saturday in Minnesota.