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Watch Congressional Candidate Mike Collins Impersonate Jean Claude Van Damme

Congressional candidate, trucking company owner and Alabama fan Mike Collins is a hard target.

Sure, the other street fighters in the bloodsport we call the 10th District Republican primary hope he’s expendable, but Collins is on a quest and is willing to take maximum risk until death. His campaign won’t be derailed. No retreat, no surrender. He’s a lionhart. A universal soldier. The other candidates have nowhere to run. That’s why Collins is sort of doing the splits between two moving trucks in this parody of a Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial.

Here’s the original. (Unlike Van Damme, Collins doesn’t come anywhere near to doing a full split, nor are the trucks rolling backwards).

Anyway, this brings up some interesting questions: Did Collins spend campaign donations on what amounts to an ad for his trucking business? And did his campaign, as required by law, pay his trucking company for use of the trucks? We’ll find out when he files his next campaign finance disclosure in January.