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UPDATE: Athens Is on All of the Lists

Athens is No. 1 on the list of Cities on the Most Lists.

Last week, something called Simple Economist named Athens “best town in the world.” (That statement may be somewhat hyperbolic, although we can’t really disagree.)

[UPDATE: Apparently Simple Economist is a blogger who lives in Athens, which explains why he thinks Athens is the best town in the world. It doesn’t, however, explain why people were sharing it on Facebook like it was the actual Economist.]

Wednesday, MSN Real Estate included us on a list of “10 college football towns—for grownups.”

“Georgia is a formidable power in the Southeast Conference, which tends to be the toughest conference in the country. And its fans are intense.

“Just look at Georgia Gameday Center, a 133-unit condo-hotel complex in downtown Athens that revels in over-the-top Bulldogdom. The lobby features team photos, trophies, memorabilia and red-and-black furniture and décor.

“‘People think it’s crazy cool,’ says Stephanie Leathers, an Athens real-estate agent who sells the units.”


No, MSN Real Estate. No, people do not think it’s crazy cool.

Then, today, a press release alerted us to the fact that Athens is listed in a book called America’s 100 Best Places to Retire along with towns like Florence, AL, Oahu, HI (ya think?) “Greater Phoenix” and pretty much the entire state of Florida:

“The 100 cities are all distinct, said (editor Annette) Fuller, yet they have many qualities in common that active baby boomers and retirees enjoy: vibrant downtowns, ongoing education classes, volunteer or part-time work opportunities, walkable neighborhoods, excellent health care, non-extreme weather and advantageous tax situations.”

[UPDATE 2: And another one! Buzzfeed says the Murmur Trestle is one of “29 music pilgrimages you need to make before you die.]

The Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau has a probably-not-comprehensive list of the lists Athens is listed on.

When will the madness stop? Probably when small-town media outlets like ourselves stop getting so excited every time our city makes a list.