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New Commissioners Diane Bell, Sharyn Dickerson and Melissa Link Sworn In

Athens’ three new commissioners—Diane Bell, Sharyn Dickerson and Melissa Link—were sworn in before the Tuesday, Jan. 6 voting meeting. While all three will undoubtably bring new perspectives to the commission, Link is the one to watch. The District 3 race, which Link won in a runoff in July, was the most contentious of all the local elections last year, but everyone is making the proper conciliatory noises.

“I hope we can all work together to come up with a clear direction for our downtown and our gateway corridors,” Link said.

Several commissioners echoed that sentiment. “I’m looking forward to working with everyone on this commission,” said Girtz, who openly backed Rachel Watkins in District 3 and is (awkwardly) now seated next to Link behind the rail. “I think we’ll have productive times ahead.”


Diane Bell.


Sharyn Dickerson.

Girtz and Commissioner Jared Bailey and Mayor Nancy Denson were sworn in, as well. Girtz is starting his third term, while Bailey and Denson are beginning their second.


Nancy Denson.