July 10, 2019

Get Down With Georgia Dish Boys, and More Music News and Gossip

Threats & Promises

Georgia Dish Boys

WIPE THE WINDOWS, CHECK THE OIL, DOLLAR GAS: Georgia Dish Boys released their new album, Good Country Livin, July 9. Easily one of the fastest-rising bands in recent Athens memory, these boys made quick work of this record. Member Seth Martin told me they recorded the entire thing, start to finish, in about five hours. Further, they did it all on a porch in Fortsonia. See, that’s exactly the kind of thing that doesn’t even matter if it’s true—though it is—because the story is just too good to not repeat. At any rate, the nine songs here are a really good representation of what the band has been doing for the past year or so. For the uninitiated, expect a slew of honky-tonk bona fides mixed with swingin’ rock and roll. Especially magnetic are the Stones-y “Kiss You on the Jeans,” the doo-wop-ish “Ain’t Losing Time” and “Put My Records On,” which has all the earmarks of a 21st Century Dr. Hook jam. The band is set to tour during July, with separate trips taking them to “Chicago and back and Los Angeles and back.” Crack open a crispy boy and sing along at

GIMME A BEAT: Songwriter Kyle Aig-Imoukhuede used to make music under the name Luke Bass, but now makes music under the name Kyle Corduroy. He’s got a new EP out July 21 named Love Us. He doesn’t really make dance music as such, but rather dance/trap/big-room-influenced songs. (Yeah, trap and big room are pretty much polar opposites, but still.) I’ll be the first to admit I’m not crazy about the way he manipulates his vocals with effects and such. There are definitely pure pop moments that shine through (“Love 2,” “Melancholy”), but overall, it’s difficult to grasp this as a complete object, as opposed to a collection of tracks. It’s about too long by half. That said, if someone would send “Say I’m Right” straight to Brian McKnight and have him record it, Aig-Imoukhuede could pocket a cool million easily. Your mileage may vary, so press the gas at

WELCOME HOME: Time was that you couldn’t pass a conversation in any given venue in town without overhearing someone talking about the stellar and compelling songwriting of Cara Beth Satalino. Chances are solid you’d still hear this, except she hasn’t lived in Athens for a hot minute. She’s headed back to town, though, with her long-running project Outer Spaces and celebrating her newly released album Gazing Globe. Outer Spaces will play Flicker Theatre and Bar Friday, July 12 with locals Dagmar Vork and Deep State, as well as Philadelphia’s Radiator Hospital. Be sure to give Gazing Globe a good few spins before the show, because there’s some real fresh gems here that you’re gonna want to shout for. Get primed at

JUST @ ME, BRO: Ah, the long days of heat-soaked summer in Athens. Sure, it’s no fun to bother emailing or alerting anyone to what you’ve got going on. Hell, that takes all the fun out of complaining about being ignored, doesn’t it? Well, let’s get together on this. You can take advantage of the laziness of others by making sure you send me news about what you’re recording or releasing, where you’re touring—whatever you’ve got going on with your music. This column is blessedly genre-inclusive, although you do need to be Athens-based. As always, positive mentions and thumbs-ups are never guaranteed, but them’s the breaks. So, before you jump in the pool one more time, think about your band and send a tip. Autumn will be here quick enough, and that’s typically a heavy news time, so, for real, now’s your chance to skip the line.